Academic Programs

Bachelor’s Degree Program


Bachelor of Arts in Theology

The bachelor program offers a thorough overview of the theological basis of Christianity with comprehensive coverage of the Old and New Testaments.

Master’s Degree Programs


Master of Divinity

Designed to meet the needs of pastors or other full- time Christian workers, especially those who wish to enhance their knowledge and effectiveness to study, understand, and proclaim the Word of God, and eventually to serve in the church and the world.


Master of Religious Education

Designed to equip professional religious workers and lay volunteers for competent leadership in various forms of educational ministry in congregations and other religious institutions.

Doctoral Degree Program


Doctor of Ministry

Designed to further refine the professional ministers’ skills.

Certificate Program


English as a Second Language

Language is a crucial skill in both life and ministry. The ESL program here is focused on presenting language learning in ways that help you utilize new language skills right away.